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The declaration of the Peace Association of humanitarian and charitable works on 22 - 3-2016 under Ministerial Decree No. 37 / A in 2016 and in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 24 of 1962 concerning Clubs and Public Welfare Associations and operates in the field of land and public benefit, has been selected the Board of Directors of the Association at the General Assembly of the constituent meeting held on 8 - 9 - 2015 was chosen president and members of the board of the Department of peacekeeping Association of humanitarian and charitable works they

Of the most important objectives of the Assembly

The pursuit of the implementation of humanitarian and charitable projects in all areas within the host country and abroad.
Seek to help those in need, including victims who acquire disasters.
Efforts to care for people with special needs of education, health, rehabilitation and others.
Care of needy families to ensure its role in building generations.
Gain the confidence of donors in support of the Assembly and agencies.
Rooting the spirit of volunteerism and love of humanitarian and charity work .

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Distinct humanitarian charity developmental rehabilitation global contribute to raising and enable the suffering of the targeted communities through humanitarian projects and charitable programs and partnerships development rehabilitative global strategy and qualified manpower specialized